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About The Bright Futures Pageant

Since 2012, The Bright Futures Pageant focuses on what you feel is important in your head & heart. This online pageant is to help give everyone confidence and to remind them that they can do anything they put their mind to. The Bright Futures Pageant helps give contestants a platform for a positive learning experience, and to showcase their academic skills and creativity. With all the negative stereotypes about pageantry, this pageant will prove that all you need to be a part of the Bright Futures Pageant royalty and family are brains and a good heart.

How it Works!

$30 Application Fee

Once you submit your application, you will receive an invoice via PayPal to pay your application fee. Once paid, you will receive your pageant checklist.


Contestants will submit one essay worth 50% of their score. The essay must be at least 300 words. The topic will be chosen at random while filling out the application.

Presentation or Video

Contestants will need to create a presentation or video based on the topic they choose which is worth 40% of their score. Presentations must be at least 7 slides and videos can be no longer than 5 minutes. 


Contestants will submit a photo for judging worth 10% of their score. NEW! Contestants will choose a photo theme at random while filling out the application.

Forever Royalty

The Forever Royalty title is now known as our "Brand Ambassador" title. Contestants can earn this title through referrals and social media posts in support of The Bright Futures Pageant.

Who Can Compete? 

This competition is only available to Bright Futures Pageant contestants. All contestants are automatically entered into this competition at no additional cost.

People's Choice

Looking for a photo contest with a twist? You found it with our People's Choice title! All ages are eligible to compete for this title! The BFP People's Choice contest will be hosted on Pageant Planet from October 1st through October 9th, 2022. One vote is only $1 and any money raised through this contest will go to our Bright Futures People's Choice winner. 

Who Can Compete?

All Bright Futures Pageant contestants are automatically entered into the People's Choice competition. For anyone looking to ONLY compete for the People's Choice contest, just submit your $5 entry fee. All ages are welcome to compete. 

Non-BFP Contestants: Apply Here!

The Jon Jon Lannen Community Hero Award

The Jon Jon Lannen Community Hero Award will recognize someone who makes a difference in their community. No act of community service is too small or too big. Nominations can be submitted by anyone who would like to recognize someone for their contributions to their community. Nominators will submit the nominee’s name, email address, a donation, the reason why they are a community hero, and a photo of the nominee; preferably during an event where they are giving actively giving back to their community. After the nomination period has closed, voting will open to the public who will help decide the winner. All donations received will be given to the winner of the Jon Jon Lannen Community Hero Award.

Nominate a community hero!